Invest, Earn, and Impact



Safe And Secure

We created this project to give investors a safe place to invest        

Community centered

Our project is centered on improving our community. For us, by us.          


This will be a fair launch. No presales means everyone can buy at the same time.


Wallet and transaction limits to prevent whales from dumping keeps the token strong.

About Us

Welcome to Black Band Token! Black Band Token offers a first class investment opportunity and is backed by a team that lives life in service to others and lives the value of integrity without compromise. Our project is set to be the most impactful token released in 2023. Our investors have the opportunity to make money without the risk of being scammed while our project will help benefit the families of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Safe and Secure

Black Band Token is not just another memecoin. It's the door to a secure investment opportunity that empowers you to buy with confidence, sell with ease, and impact the community around us in a positive way.

Project Purpose

Black Band Token has two key functions. The primary function that impacts the majority of our buyers, as mentioned above, is to give investors a safe place to invest and open the door to make some serious money. This will be driven by volume, the community, and partnerships. The secondary function of this project is to offer support to families in the community who have had a family member pay the ultimate price and lost their lives while serving and protecting.

Revenue Generating

Black Band Token has unique revenue generating functions where some will be available from the start and some will be implemented as the project grows. This allows the project to continuously grow, despite market conditions. Our revenue generating utility is called FinePay and can be found at today! This utility allows people who hold crypto to pay for traffic fines, violations, tickets, and judgements using Ethereum. We charge a small convenience fee that will be used when making the payment for them.

How to buy?

Create a
Crypto Wallet

Buy Ethereum
From Wherever

Swap Ethereum
For Black Band


Our project is centered around continued growth for the community, by the community. We have measures in place to protect the value while rewarding holders with a continuously rising floor.

Circulating Supply:

100 Million Tokens

Taxes Breakdown:

Buy: 7% Total
1% Liquidity
2% Project Purpose
2% Dev
2% Creator
Sale: 7% Total
1% Liquidity
2% Project Purpose
2% Dev
2% Creator


2.5% Wallet Size
2.5% Transaction Limit